Helpful Websites about Cerebral Palsy

Reaching for the Stars:
Karen Pape, MD:
Cerebral Palsy Alliance:
United Cerebral Palsy:
My Child at
Cerebral Palsy Foundation*:
* Cerebral Palsy Foundation is the new name for Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation.

Cerebral Palsy Tool Kit

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Videos that make a difference

Baby brains DO recover, but habit hides it: Karen Pape at TEDxWinnipeg:

Inspiration for Parents of Children with Cerebral Palsy

May 21, 2011 Shea Gala event – “Maddie’s Story”:
Welcome to Holland:

Inspiration about those who live with Cerebral Palsy

One Man One Mission (The OM Foundation):
Enter the Faun:
The Cerebral Posse:
Get Inspired by So Many CP Heroes:
John Quinn – Navy, author of Someone Like Me: