Children’s Cerebral Palsy Movement

Our Mission:

We are committed to stand in the gap for children with Cerebral Palsy by supporting innovative rehabilitation and research that can improve quality of life and future outcomes. Together we are passionate about reshaping our culture and transforming a diagnosis into a new destiny.

Our Inspiration:

Research shows that adult stroke victims can recover from brain injuries. We believe that children can recover from brain injuries, too.

Our Hope:

We will blaze a trail to a new destiny so that people with CP who were told they would never walk, hopefully will not only walk, but run, climb, dance, and enjoy a higher quality of life. The future is not what is used to be. It is brighter!

Our Vision:

We believe the work we are doing will lead to far reaching changes in the way clinicians and communities treat people with CP throughout their lifespans. A successful grassroots effort initiated in Orange County, CA could be key to unlocking national funding for more extensive research into the optimum management of CP.


The future is not what it used to be.
– Dr. Karen Pape